Text Box: A= 660
B= 810
C= 960
D= 1050
E= 1880
F= 790


The LH700 forward and reversible plate compactor is an heavy-duty plate for soil applications, ideally used for

compaction of backfill in pipe and cable trenches, as well as road repair and maintenance work. It is fully hydraulic

for smooth and easy operation. The design includes a strong cover that withstands severe shock and also

protects all vital parts of the machine. The engine cover is foldable for easier access and service, the rear cover

is foldable/lockable, which gives access/protects the electronic system.

Dimensions (mm)  
Plate width, standard 660
Plate length 1050
Weight (kg)  
Operating weight, CECE 768
Manufacturer Hatz
Type 1D90V
Output, kW/rpm 11,0/3000
Frequency, Hz 53
Amplitude, mm 2,5
Centrifugal force, kN 95

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