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The CA121 is a vibratory roller designed for compaction operations in pipe trenches, on road shoulders and in

cramped spaces in connection with refilling work. The roller is also suitable for repair work on dams, power

stations, parking lots and airfields. The machine is available in two versions, D and PD. The smooth drum

version with drum drive (D) gives good maneuverability even on very steep slopes. The Padfoot version, equipped

with pads and drum drive, is especially suitable for the compaction of silt and clayey soils.

This roller can also be fitted with hydraulic push blade.

Masses (kg) CA121D CA121PD
Max. operating mass 4400 5200
Operating mass (incl. ROPS) 4150 4900
Front module mass 1750 2300
Rear module mass 2400 2600
Static linear load (kg/cm) 12,8 -
Nominal amplitude (mm) 1,4 1,3
Vibration frequency (Hz) 32 32
Centrifugal force (kN) 54 59
Dimensions (mm)    
Drum width 1365 1365
Model John Deere 3029TF John Deere 3029TF
Rated power, SAE J1995, at 2500 rpm, kW (hp) 53 (72) 53 (72)

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