The small self-propelled single padfoot drum roller with blade They have an operating weight of 3300 kg respectively.

Excellent gradeability attained in trench compaction where the terrain may be very steep.

 The RW3002 features a new-style hydraulic concept through the use of a "twin-lock" system.

This is a fully automatic traction management system with purely mechanical action.

In the event of slip in one of the drive components, the torque is automatically and steplessly distributed among the remaining drive systems.

RW 3002

Operating Width mm 1420
Operating weight kg  3300
Engine / Type   Yanmar 4 TNE 84
at rpm   3000
Number of cylinders   4
Type of drive   Hydrostatic
Vibration System
Centrifugal force kN 88
Amplitude mm 1.7
Frequency Hz 41
Driving Qualities
Speed (infinitely variable)   0 - 7
Steering   Articulation
Articulation angle +/-o 35
Gradeability with / without vibration % 45 / 50


















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