Special Issue "GW750"  

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The new GW750 form Sakai now in Australia (We have a DVD out soon call 0418797172 to have copy sent to you)
 We have tested this unit on asphalt, chip seal, and manufactured gravels with out standing results in all tests the resulting compaction was equal to and in 99% of cases better than the compaction achieved from using steel drum rollers and standard multi tyre rollers,
 eg. to achieve 98% compaction on a 150mm layer of manufactured pavement you would use,1 x 8-12 ton steel drum for 4-6 passes then do 4-6 passes with a standard multi to seal the surface using the GW750 the same result can be achieved in 4-6 passes with this one machine. Thatís a big saving!! 1x unit only not 2 x units 2 x operators 2 x refuels at the end of the day. Another big plus is the GW750 is less than 10 ton so it can be moved form job site with ease.


Sakai GW750 vibratory pneumatic roller. The front and rear axle of the machine both drive to avoid pushing the material and creating hairline cracking of the mat. The vibratory feature creates a dynamic force by rotating a pair of off-balanced (eccentric) weights within each axle. This rotation develops a centrifugal force that is sufficient to lift and drop each axle 2400 times a minute. The resulting compaction force is equal to that of a much heavier machine.


 Pavex Construction Division of Graniterock uses its Sakai GW750 pneumatic vibratory roller on small jobs, as well as big projects like airport paving at San Francisco International. The unique roller combines the kneading action of a rubber-tired roller with the void-reducing action of a vibratory machine. This combination repositions aggregate while reaching density specs quickly.


 Pavexís Sakai GW750 works day and night on jobs both large and small. The unique machine has helped the contractor to meet performance specs for pavement density, resulting in contract bonuses.


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